Android improves for work: Exchange Tasks now available on Gmail app

Leslie Dixon
March 5, 2017

The Blog post noted that the new web and mobile features will be made available to users by March 6. You can keep both personal and official emails and tasks in sync using just one app in your phone or tablet.

Coming to the second addition to the app, the search giant has added the support for Exchange Tasks inside the Gmail app with the latest app update. This was added in v7.1, but Google is treating it like it's new this time around.

Of course they added the ability to add new tasks from Gmail, edit tasks, and flag emails as a to-do for a later response.

Do let us know if the newly added features are good enough for you to make a switch from Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheets to Google Sheets. The simple swipe to mark as complete can be just as rewarding.

The Gmail app update for Android is already rolling out and is available from the Google Play store. Boom, one-tap access to specific accounts. At this moment, it is unclear if the company has any plan to extend similar feature to iPhone. The implication of that update is that the Gmail app for iOS is now nearly as smooth and reliable as the Android version.

To get more relevant in the professional arena, a massive new update is heading Google Sheets way on Android and the web. It doesn't look clumsy like it used to be, and you can now swipe to archive or delete messages.

Additionally, you can even drag and drop the account ID from the list and create a shortcut for the particular ID on your "Homescreen". This could be really handy if you have multiple accounts.

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