Orisa: Moves & Ultimate For Overwatch's Newest Hero

Ivan Hill
March 5, 2017

Orisa's skills include a barrier which is useful to keep teammates unscathed when on the attack and her ultimate move, Supercharger allows them to do more damage. (Dun-dun DUNNN.) While the OR-15s were successful at first, Doomfist eventually triumphed over them in a horrific attack on Numbani Airport.

Overall, Orisa looks like a good defense tank with a strong mix of abilities.

"Where most other Tanks in the Overwatch roster need to be in the thick of things to stand any chance of dealing damage, Orisa can happily bombard the opposition from afar with considerable ease".

She can also deploy a protective shield, much like Winston, although it can be selectively placed further away much like Mei's wall. Unlike either of those characters, however, Orisa's gun fires a stream of small projectiles, not hitscan bullets.

Though she's only a month old and still learning about the world, Orisa is a powerful combatant with a lot of cool abilities.

Unlike with the Sombra announcement where we were left to kind of guess about her abilities after watching the animated short, today we're given the full compliment of Orisa's kit right away. Once the orb explodes nearby "Overwatch" heroes are pulled towards the explosion and slows them.

Orisa is a tank character whose prime function is protection and serves as the central anchor of her team. Her primary ability centers on the use of a shield that reduces incoming damage, whereas her secondary shields allies-she's a bit like Zarya in these regards.

With the approval of her understanding and open-minded parents, Efi spent the bulk of her grant money to acquire one of the decommissioned OR15 bots.

While Orisa seems to resemble a centaur-like creature, with her upright torso and four legs, some of her legendary skins have an insectoid quality. Orisa's barrier has 900 health, which means it takes three rockets from Pharah to crack, and a total of eight to be destroyed. Last but certainly not the least of Orisa's abilities is Supercharger, which basically increases the damage her allies inflict on their enemies. This gives her a unique support ability that can prove the difference in defending an area in "Overwatch". We were not best pleased, let me tell you.

During battles, Orisa can slow down her opponents using Halt! There isn't a date for her official release.

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