Overwatch's new hero Orisa: All her skins, emotes and unlocks

Ivan Hill
March 5, 2017

This new hero is available now on Overwatch's test servers, and she will hit the standard servers soon. In the game's lore, her creator, Efi Oladele, is an 11-year-old genius whiz at robotics. Kaplan cites Reinhardt as an "anchor tank", a character whose abilities make the backbone of a team but are not necessarily mobile like D.Va or Winston. Think an inverse verion of Pharah's knock-away charge: rather than knocking enemies away, it drags them closer. While it's hard to know exactly how she'll fit into team compositions (the PTR really isn't an ideal environment for testing) it's evident she will unseat Winston and D.Va and to some extent, Reinhardt too. Orisa's Ultimate, Supercharger, boosts the damage output of all allies within line of sight, but it can be destroyed by the enemy team.

"Where most other Tanks in the Overwatch roster need to be in the thick of things to stand any chance of dealing damage, Orisa can happily bombard the opposition from afar with considerable ease". Orisa is playable today on the PTR beta region, with a full launch expected within weeks.

Our thoughts after testing it: It's clearly useful, if unexciting, and helps make Orisa an alternative to Reinhardt as a core defensive tank. When she uses this ability, her character model gains a golden sheen for five seconds and she takes significantly less damage while it's active. She's somewhere in between Reinhardt and Zarya in terms of how hard she is to play, but she has a huge range advantage over most of the other tanks, outdistancing all but D. Va.

Finally, Orisa's ultimate ability is Supercharger. Orisa's self-professed primary function is "to keep you safe". Efi put Orisa together from disposed parts left over from the attack in an effort to create something that could protect the citizens of Numbani. "We often hear that, you know, when it comes to female characters they tend to be more limited in their size and appearance, where the male characters get these really big and challenging visual designs that are very exciting and we've heard a lot of desire to have a very visually challenging female character". From what we can tell she can absorb any incoming effect outside of damage when it's active, so she could brush off a Roadhog hook, for instance.

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