Tesla Model S Hits Barrier With Autopilot ON

Ivan Hill
March 5, 2017

There was a time when Tesla Inc.

The Tesla Model S was driving on a divided highway in Grapevine, Texas before hitting a barrier that closed off the lane, in which the auto was traveling. The CEO of the luxury electric auto maker revealed the details of a new "happiness guarantee" on his blog for leasers of the Tesla Model S sedan.

Posting to Reddit's Tesla Motors subreddit, the driver of the vehicle involved in the crash posted pictures of the damages the auto received and described the incident.

The user indicates that the auto is on AP1, and they were using Tesla Autopilot in the left lane of a two-lane highway.

As Tesla aggressively moves to catch up in the race to bring autonomous cars to market, some recent reports from Model S owners seem to point to troubling problems with the company's Autopilot feature. Autopilot was on didn't give me a warning. A Tesla owner learned that recently, perhaps to his embarrassment, when dashcam footage on Reddit contradicted a post the driver made previously about how his Tesla on Autopilot hit a highway construction barrier after misreading the road, as reported by Electrek. After the airbags deployed there was a bunch of smoke and my vehicle rolled to a grinding stop. Two of the more dramatic video postings show Tesla owners struggling to keep the system from hitting curbs, turning onto a side street, and colliding with other vehicles. Had the road being changed with some assistance of the driver, the accident would not have taken place.

Elon Musk is guaranteeing the happiness of new Tesla drivers. The Autopilot feature is not autonomous, and it requires the assistance of the drivers to take control of the auto in case of any emergency.

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